Opportunities with Shoetabulous
Independent Consultants

Why become an Independent Consultant for Shoetabulous?

-Create your own schedule
-Meet new people & be a shoe stylish to hundreds (or even thousands) of women!
-Unlimited earning potential
-Purchase your own shoes at cost
-Make money attending parties!

How much does it cost to join?

Working for Shoetabulous you must be prepared to run your own part-time (for some full-time) small business. Our start-up (or what we like to call - Business in a box) start at just $420.00
and include the minimum inventory, business cards, and other supplies.

What are the requirements?

-Valid drivers license & a large reliable vehicle
-Must be a go-getter & be extremely friendly & approachable
-You must have the time to put into this business
-The shoes take up some space, therefore you must have room in your home to store
them and they are not to be left in a vehicle or in a garage.

How much could I expect to earn per month?

The earnings can vary from one Consultant to the other. It really depends on many factors, such as how many parties you do per month, how many people are at the parties, etc. On average our Consultants are making a profit of $150-600 per party (keep in mind these parties last 1-2 hours)

If you are interested, email info@shoetabulous.com and request our Information Package. 
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